Our Price List
Pork Tenderloins
4oz Retail Fritters (Store Pack) 4 Pack$2.95
4oz Regular Loins  DOZ$9.00
5oz Oval Loins  DOZ$10.00
5oz "Medium" Loins  DOZ$11.00
6oz Square Loins  DOZ$12.00
8oz Square Loins  DOZ$14.00
8oz Bigfoot Loins  DOZ  $14.00
8oz Super Bigfoot (Box)  4 Pack  $4.99
8oz Large Sliced "Black 4" Loins  Whole Loin/Sliced-DOZ$18.00
8oz Large Sliced "Dairy Shoppe" Loins
Whole Loin/Sliced & Tenderized  DOZ
5oz Unbreaded Tenderloins  DOZ$16.25
10oz Giant Loins  DOZ$18.00
Other Breaded Products
3.5oz Pizza Burgers  DOZ$8.50
5oz Chicken Fried Steaks  DOZ$9.50
Breaded Chicken Gizzards  5# Bag$15.50
Ground Products
Beef Patties  4oz, 5oz or 8oz$3.99 /LB
Pork Patties  5oz$2.99 /LB
OUR OWN Pork Breakfast Sausage$2.99 /LB
OUR OWN Pork Breakfast Sausage Patties  9-1#$3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Italian Sausage$3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Italian Sausage Patties  4oz or 5oz$3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Pork & Bacon Sausage $3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Chorizo Sausage $3.59 /LB
OUR OWN Bratwurst Patties$3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Bratwurst Links$3.49 /LB
Ground Pork$2.19 /LB
Our Own Bronze Medal Ground Beef - 1# pkg$3.59 /LB
Our Own Silver Medal Ground Beef - 1# pkg$3.79 /LB
Our Own Gold Medal Ground Beef - 1# pkg$3.99 /LB
Ham, Beef & Pork Mix (for Hamloaf)$2.79 /LB

Meat Prices
As of 2/1/18

Minute$4.49 /LB
Porter House$8.99 /LB
Ribeye$9.99 /LB
Round$4.49 /LB
Sirloin$6.49 /LB
T-Bone$7.99 /LB
Charcoal/Chuck$4.49 /LB
New York Strip$8.99 /LB
Chuck Roast$4.79 /LB
Rump Roast$4.69 /LB
Stew Beef$4.99 /LB
Brisket$3.49 /LB
Beef Liver$2.49 /LB

"Iowa" Chops$2.49 /LB
Pork Chops$2.19 /LB
Boneless Chops$2.19 /LB
Boneless Pork Loin$1.99 /LB
Boneless Pork Loin (Seasoned)$2.59 /LB
Pork Shoulder Butt$1.99 /LB
Pork Shoulder Butt (Seasoned)$2.59 /LB
Fresh Ham Roast $2.19 /LB
Fresh Ham Roast (Seasoned)$2.69 /LB
"Country Style" Pork Ribs$2.69 /LB
Pork Spare Ribs$2.39 /LB
Pork Back Ribs$3.49 /LB
Pork Cutlets$2.69 /LB
Pork Steak$2.09 /LB
Hog Fries/"Mountain Oysters"$2.19 /LB
* -- Most Steak/Roast Prices Subject to Market